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Best Gift Ever

Let’s say your very special significant other is such a talented and dedicated athlete that she actually has a great shot at the 2020 Olympics. Her birthday is coming up. What on earth can you give her to support this challenging venture? Well it ain’t a gift card from REI, that’s for sure. When her man Jesse contacted me he had an idea.

Since she monitors and records her training progress by journaling, he wanted to create a completely unique and personalized journal, just for her. So we came up with a series of four volumes, covering every day until the Olympics in 2020. Every week features an inspirational quote, a count-down clock and a picture of her participating in her sport, or receiving an award, somewhere in the world.

She was playing on a German team when we went to press, so we had the books shipped straight to her residence there. Needless to say, the gift was very well received, and Volume One immediately went into daily service. (She and her sport remain unnamed in the interest of her privacy).

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