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We feel very fortunate to have worked with so many wonderful people over the years. Very nice folks, as you'll see when you read their comments below:

A Note: as our business has grown and evolved, we have done some rebranding, to better represent what we are all about. Until recently our main handle was Lookbook Press, so you’ll see some references here to that name. Rest assured - BookCreate is the same company, same people, better name.


William came highly recommended from a colleague of mine, and I am very glad we took that colleague’s recommendation! William not only helped us create a beautiful photo album for our retiring boss, but he guided us through the whole process (which was especially appreciated given my lack of creativity). Whenever we were unsure of which direction to go, William provided excellent suggestions and guidance. He was a pleasure to work with every step of the way. William helped us finish our project ahead of our deadline, and the final product was a wonderful success. I would highly recommend William for anybody looking to create a beautifully designed and constructed album for a special person in their life. 


~ Nic Amaroli, Makena Capital

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I could never have gotten the Smith River Tribe out without William's talented help. He took the text and 78 illustrations and with some kind of magic came up with a coherent, beautiful, organized design.  The illustrations, many of them drawings done on construction paper 80 years ago, were a special challenge to present effectively, and he did it.  As important -- was his incredible patience with me during numerous revisions, including some last minute complicated touchups suggested by a tribal elder.  Will's help was also critical in arranging the printing, putting me in touch with a printer, leading me thru the maze of getting an ISBN, printing quotes...and all that good stuff that gets a book onto actual paper.   I can't recommend Will highly enough.  He was a pleasure to work with -- a fantastic partner in getting my book done. 

~ Loren HIckman

Smith Rivet Tribe

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William is an expert in the printing, color and book printing industry. I began working with him at the beginning of my career and I owe a great deal of my production knowledge and career journey to him. He is patient, wise, technical and a true print maven. His years in the printing industry and his easygoing style makes producing and printing any project from books to large scale projects an ease and pleasure to have him leading the project from design to finished product. I am honored to have worked with him for over two decades and grateful for his expertise, great personality and his printing knowledge on all the projects we have produced.

Kelly Page

Creative Producer / Consultant

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Dear William,

Well, after nearly 15 years - about the time it takes to bring a new medicine from the laboratory to the pharmacy - my novel, Race for the Mind is published and available from Amazon and other book-sellers!

Thank you for your patience and advice while designing my book. I could not have published Race for the Mind with the quality that it has, without you!

I am pleased to provide you a special pre-release copy of the book . . .  you are among the first to see it (in print, at least!). This is fitting as you kindly helped me realize my dream of publishing a novel.

FYI, I will donate 100% of any profits from the sale of the book to the Alzheimer's Association.

I hope you enjoy Race for the Mind - you helped create it!


~ Dan Welch

Race for the Mind

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An epic thank you goes out to the most: patient, creative, and just plain wonderful man, that I have never met, William Hoard. Were it not for William’s  creative direction, vision, and willingness to take this journey with me, none of this would be possible. William, words cannot express how grateful I am to you. Thank you for steadfast and conscious patience. Thank you for holding my hand through the creation process. Thank you for truly empowering me to help others to, “see”  by enabling, into the midst, to transform from vision to reality through the creation of this book. You, were a very special answer to my prayers, and are a beautiful gift to the world.  Thank you.

~ E.Cho

Into the Midst

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I swear, William was tuned in to both my heart and head as we worked on A Moment's Notice, my second book (he also designed my first book). He knew just how to transform my vision into reality, adding his artistic voice to make the resulting book that much better. People have told me, "it's exquisite," "it's amazing," "it's a banana split for the eyes."

While I'd recommend William for his book design skills any day of the week, I'd also recommend him for his savvy business skills. He understands the importance of excellent customer service and is both incredibly communicative and timely. And he wants to get it right - if he's got a question, he asks it.

Living in Asheville, NC, which is a mecca for designers, I have countless professionals to choose from. I'm not interested in looking. When it comes time for book #3, William will continue to be my #1.

~ Sue Wasserman

   A Moment’s Notice

•    •    •    •

Five years ago, I began working on book of family stories. I am an artist and my stories are in the form of artwork. Accurate color and design are very important to me. When I was ready to print the book, it was my good fortune to find William Hoard online. He gave me personal attention, even worked directly with my photographer when I was having difficulties. He assisted me in meeting deadlines and always kept me informed during the process of printing the book.  The end result was a high quality family treasure. One family member described the book as "elegant." Although I have not met William I feel like I made a friend, and highly respect his professionalism. 

~ Lynda Shapiro

    The Best of Hard Times

•    •    •    •

We’ve been working together for a year from either side of the globe (US and Australia). Collaborating with William on the ‘Let Me tell You Who I Am’ project is a rich experience. William is positive and supportive in his responses to my requests for changes, he has contributed his ideas to enhance the finished product, and he is experienced with the intricacies of online publishing. . . William Hoard of Lookbook Press gives generously of his time and expertise and has made the professional presentation of the stories of the Wiradjuri women’s journey possible.

~ Celcilia Moar

The Let Me tell You Who I Am project, a series of illustrated biographies of women of the Wiradjuri tribe in New South Wales, Australia

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I worked with William Hoard to put together a story of my life growing up in a small town in Georgia in the 1950's-60's.  It was a phenomenal experience from day one and I can't praise too highly the invaluable services he provided.  Not only were his services incredibly reasonable, we were immediately on the same page in terms of bringing my work to fruition.  I could not be more happy in terms of the experience and would highly recommend Will and Lookbook Press to anyone. And, he's a really nice guy!!

~ Rullie Harris

•    •    •    •

It is truly the mark of a great collaborator who knows how to perfectly balance the creative endeavor that they have been hired to do alongside the input and needs from the “owner."  William was a master at this balancing act. He communicated often as we moved through the creative process ensuring at each step that what he was doing was what I envisioned.  He kept an eye on our timeline as closely as I did. He happily worked with the illustrator I hired. He gently questioned aspects of the project where appropriate and was genuinely thrilled when I was thrilled with some creative twist.

Will was always respectful of the process and completely solution oriented.  A software compatibility problem was met with a solution, not an “I can’t do that”.  A particularly difficult and time consuming last minute addition was couched as a challenge being worked out, not an interruption or a problem. 

But probably one of the most exceptional characteristics about Will is his ability to listen. I’m convinced that we saved time, and money, because of his exceptional listening skills as he carefully took the time to completely understand the feel and goal I had for my project before starting the creative process at his end. It’s rare enough that we sit across from someone so adept at focusing on our needs, wants and wishes…but, then to see those needs, wants and wishes be interpreted so creatively and perfectly into a beloved project is a wondrous act to behold.

It was a joy to work with Will at LookBook Press. I intend to use him for projects in the future and would highly recommend him.

~ Lynne Fluke

    Grace • Humor • Knowledge (commemorating the 70th birthday of John Fluke II)

•    •    •    •

Dear William,

How can I ever thank you enough. I just received my first copy. “The First-ever Baligham Village  Mobile Health Fair book” is Perfect!

 I deeply appreciate all of your efforts, time, and energy to make a real difference towards such a successful outcome of this book. Thank you again for inspiring me, from a simple idea to this exceptional book, that will have a major impact in guiding my mission for sustainable rural development projects.

~ Margaret Galabe

    The First-ever Baligham Village Mobile Health Fair

•    •    •    •

A former publisher told me recently that cover design plays an enormous role in book success. He took one look at the cover William (at Lookbook Press) created and said "you're on your way."  I am happy to credit William with choosing the perfect front and back cover photos.  I could have studied images forever and never seen what he saw! I'm also happy to recommend him to anyone who asks. He's talented, timely and easy to work with. When he makes a promise, he delivers!  

~ Sue Wasserman  

    Walk with Me: Exploring Nature’s Wisdom

•    •    •    •

Working with William was a pleasure. William is a consummate professional. He was kind, proficient and conscientious throughout all stages of book planning and layout, not to mention paying careful attention to my needs and desires in bringing such to fruition with the finished book product. I highly recommend Lookbook Press to anyone who is considering having their work professionally published.

~ Kevin Briggs

     Kevin Briggs Photography

•    •    •    •

After sixteen years producing major art books related to the work of my late husband, Richard Fairbanks, it was my good fortune to discover William Hoard, who recently guided me through the final stages of publishing a lengthy memoir. Of the many designers and technicians I’ve worked with, William quickly understood what I was hoping to accomplish and with much technical skill, creative sensitivity, and seemingly unlimited resources and contacts, he oversaw the production of a book that is beyond expectations. It is a great pleasure to work with such a capable and empathetic advisor who I highly recommend.

~ Dixie Parker-Fairbanks

    Heart of Shards

•    •    •    •

Will of Lookbook Press did a GREAT job on this book! I hired him to do it and his work was outstanding. He was the consummate professional – a skilled designer and a wonderful listener. He was patient, kind, fast, affordable, and talented. I highly recommend him!

~ Paul Connolly

      Joe Connolly - A Wonderful Life

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I just wanted to let you know how much everyone LOVES the cookbook! I have received the most heartfelt and sweet  letters from every one of her dear friends and I have to say it made my holiday! I ended up ordering 10 more (40 total) and am about to place another order! Again, you have made this entire process so easy and enjoyable, and the finished product is beyond my expectations. I hope to work with you again soon, and will definitely recommend you to anyone in need of the services that you offer.

~ Shannon McBeath

    Made With Love, from the kitchen of Mona McBeath

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