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Book design is at the heart of what we do. It all starts with you: Your reasons for the book, your inspiration, your audience, your goals. We’ll discuss your feelings about style and appearance. We’ll develop a number of concepts, with variations in look-and-feel, to establish design guidelines and assure a consistent, professional outcome.

Then your book will come together. You will watch it grow along the way, and you will always have the final say on every detail before we send it off to print.

What will this cost you? We will determine this together. We won’t use pre-made templates for your book, and we won't force you into a pre-conceived price list. We'll always strive to get you exactly what you are expecting (or more) for exactly what you can afford (or less).


Successful book design always begins with a Discovery process. Fancy way of saying we need to get up to speed with what you are thinking. Usually this includes a conference call or a flurry of emails, and results in fresh and exciting new ideas, coming from both of us. Early on, we’ll discover ways to take your book to a higher level. And we’ll use the best ideas to define specific steps needed to get there.


We will determine if additional content would enhance the book, or if editing of text or imagery might be in order. If so BookCreate can provide photo-shoots, illustrations, image search and acquisition services, copy editing, and more. Based on our discussions with you we will create a series of design concepts. As we refine these, we will define specific guidelines used to develop the look and feel of your book.


This is spring-time for your book. You have planted the seeds, perhaps long ago. Now together we’ll nourish the upstart, and bring encouragement, enthusiasm and inspiration for the best possible outcome. Our ideas will merge together as the pages seem to just fall into place. This is where we get to work, to Deliver the goods.


Unlike some, we don’t use drones to deliver the goods to you. But we do use world-class technology to create the pages of your book quickly and precisely, and to manage and optimize your imagery for best possible results. As we layout the book you will see PDF drafts in facing pages, so you can add comments and make suggestions along the way. You will see refinements right down to the last detail, before we go to press.

Check out some of our work here.


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